Can you use scientific calculator in a mathematics exam in Stanford University.Memory maybe learned through observation or imitation; and may not involve any external rewards or require the person to perform any observable behaviors (Plotnik, 2002). Thus, the student can learn to love mathematics simply by observing the behaviors of some one who shows great interest and passion in the subject. It is evident in a classroom setting through the behavior of the teacher. You should get 5 ways to improve your mental math skills with this post. A knowledgeable teacher can explain it well with clarity and emphasis. In responds, student will also develop interest towards the subject. Then, he will imitate and absorb what was presented by the teacher.

Abacus education fits right in this modern world. Abacus as a tool is used in many Asian schools, public and private, to teach children aged 3 through 8 the basic of mathematics. Abacus allows children to learn numbers and calculations with fun. When a child uses his/her finger to move the beads on the abacus, the collaboration between finger movements and brain creates a pictorial memory in the child's mind. When using the abacus the child makes use of both his hands and this movement spurs both parts of the brain the left and the right part together and initiates development of the cells. Abacus nurtures the minds of children making them quicker and more accurate. Abacus mental math is that wherein the child visualizes the image of the abacus in his mind and then calculates accordingly.

Obviously you don't envisage a future for your child totally dependent on the electronic calculator even for the smallest calculation. The present education scenario is fast leading to that. That is why many schools in Asia and elsewhere too have adopted the abacus formally for teaching mathematics.

Seattle Public Schools began a district wide initiative to improve the mathematics curriculum in late 200The last time that new textbooks and curriculum were considered varied for each level of schooling. Seattle Public High Schools last revised their curriculum in 1993, elementary schools in 1998, and middle schools in 200The push for new textbooks and curriculum is based on the recognition that student achievement must improve in order to meet the new graduation requirements in Seattle Public Schools. In order to meet these new graduation requirements, research into the best mathematics programs available began.

Activity Based Teaching(Also known as Activity Learning Method) is another method to be used for teaching mathematics to the students of primary level. This method was adopted by an English man David Horsburgh. This method made the students as a active learner and not as a passive learner.Here the teacher should provide activities and experiments for each subject theme.The activity should be appropriate to several constraints like age of the students, concept of the subject.The activity should not deviate the child from learning the concepts.Such activities gives a pleasure of learning and develops an self-reliance in students.Gradually, it encourages the student to learn new concepts and makes the learning in a joyful manner.Mathematics can be taught using this method in a niche manner. The concept of arithmetic and algebra shall be easily implemented with this method of teaching.

Teachers and administrators at the Family Math Nights stressed the importance of deeply engaging all elementary school students in mathematics instruction that is meaningful in order to create a learning environment in which students are math literate. The meetings were led by Gini Stimpson, a University of Washington Mathematics Educator and Senior Researcher. Examples of student work from Seattle Public Schools were shared in order to show what students were currently learning and what more they needed to learn. In addition, parents received valuable suggestions for how to help their children improve math skills at home.

Although many students are more familiar with Pythagoras, there is another significant figure in Greek math. Thales of Miletus is regarded as the first true mathematician. He is the first person to use deductive reasoning in mathematics. Moreover, he was able to derive the 4 corollaries in his theorem. Thus, he is the first person attributed with a mathematical discovery. Furthermore, he applied his knowledge in computing heights of structures, distances of ships from the shore and a host of other applications.

Mathematics is a subject that I find interesting, fascinating challenging at times but a lot of fun all the time. For more than two thousand years, mathematics has been a part of the human search for understanding of the world we live in. Mathematics is not about answers, it's about processes, it's about the path to follow to find those answers. I always try new ways of celebrating it and showing it to my students in a more visual and attractive way.