This is an era of competition.Whatever you want to achieve can be done but you have to face the competition and come out as winner.Then only you will be able to fulfill your dreams.Lacs of students appear for competitive exams every weekend or so but only a handful of them qualify.Now you might be asking yourself that, are these a few handful of guys more intelligent than the others.The answer is No.Their secret of success lies in their ability to compute fast.As maths forms an important part in every competitive exams.This is where the importance of mental maths lies.For example if I tell you to multiply 11 and 62.You will need atleast 30 seconds to compute the value by conventional method but a guy well equipped in mental maths can do it in 5 seconds.Yes.You heard it right,5 seconds.In mere five seconds he will tell you that the answer is 682.Now on a single calculation he is edging you by 25 seconds or so.So at this pace he will complete the maths section atleast 20 minutes before you.Then he will get that extra 20 minutes to solve the Reasoning section or other sections.This is the difference between an average guy and one who knows mental maths techniques.

I am not discouraging you by any means but what I want you to know that mental maths plays an important role in competitive exams.So you need to sharpen your calculation skills to succeed in competitive exams.