Poskitt's goal, according to the Murderous Maths website, is to write books that are "something funny to read", have "good amusing illustrations", include "tricks", and "explaining the maths involved as clearly as possible".If this is what interests you, you can get the making maths more fun review online by Teresa Evans. He adds that although he doesn't "work to any government imposed curriculum or any stage achievement levels", he has "been delighted to receive many messages of support and thanks from parents and teachers in the UK, the USA and elsewhere".

Luckily, there are available on the market courses which are specifically aimed at adults who are hoping to gain GCSE Maths.  The great thing about courses such as these is that they are flexible so that you can fit them in with the rest of your busy life.  It is obvious that adults who want to attain GCSE Maths  will come from all sorts of backgrounds and these flexible courses reflect this fact.  You may need this qualification for your career or to enter a PGCE course.  Whatever your needs are the flexibility that is offered will really appeal to you.

If you are studying for GCSE Maths then you may find it a lot more difficult than you anticipated to understand everything that is required in order to obtain a pass.  What is more, if you are an adult trying to pass GCSE Maths it can be a lot more intimidating than if you were a student in school every day with all the help that is offered there.  You may, therefore, have decided to look for educational courses which will help you to gain the grade that you wish to achieve.

Hi I'm Mark. I am a specialist AST Maths teacher based in London. Along with a colleague I started Cazoom Maths Worksheets as a service which provides an exciting new range of Maths worksheet resources for teachers and parents.

Maths tuition will not be effective if the practice manuals and workbooks are not reviewed by the tutors. It's very important for the private tutors as well as the tutors at the tuition centre to assess the students work manual to know if they are progressing on the right track. Just by distributing the practice manuals the work of the tuition centre is not over. Its also equally important to check if the students are working out the problems in these manuals and are able to successfully find the right solutions to it. The tutor providing maths tuition must also make it a point to work out as many problems as possible during the sessions. Too much pressure must also be not put on to the student. Based on the pace of the student the private tutor must provide the workbook problems. There is no use solving number of problems if the student is not able to grasp any of them.

The best and sure way of succeeding in maths is through practice. Practice makes man perfect is the best saying that is apt for the subject maths. Maths tuition centre provide the students with practice manuals tha twill help the students to workout various kinds of problems. These manuals are prepared after a lot of research by the tuition centre as well as the private tutors. Based on the curriculum and the level of knowledge required the tutors at the maths tuition centre will prepare workbooks and practice manuals. These will contain problems and solutions taken from various text books and also question papers. A student must take effort in working out these problems to become w\aware of the various techniques of finding the right solution to the problems.

Ruth in NC at InfoServe commented on the series: "Now we are reading through the maths series together everyday. We often need paper and pencil to follow along but we have learned some handy maths tricks. Doing sums may be derided in the text but the beauty and fun of mathematics is celebrated."

To teach maths tuition in the progressive manner its also important to take the syllabus of the student into consideration. Based on the syllabus chart out a time table keeping in mind the pace of the student. The private tutor will be able to find out the students grasping and level of knowledge and based on that you could chart out a plan to complete the curriculum within the stipulated time. There should be sufficient time left for revising the subjects before the exams.